Our team created a product for FreemanXP's annual digital hackathon. The prompt was to create a solution to one of four problems that focus on the idea, the scalability, and viability.​​​​​​​
Networking is awkward
We chose to tackle the challenge of networking. Making connections with other industry professionals is a critical aspect of being an industry professional, but for a lot of people, it's difficult and often overwhelming to initiate those conversations. Maybe you're new to the industry, and you're not sure who to talk to. Maybe you're not sure how to introduce yourself. The current solutions to networking, such as online networking sites, are lacking in support.
Our Solution
Enter: Handshake, the seamless networking system. Modeled after Amazon's cashierless stores, Handshake uses modern facial recognition and location-tracking technology to create an effortless networking experience. Our initial model focuses on attendee-to-attendee connections, but future iterations could incorporate attendee-to-business connections.
When an attendee enters an event, our facial recognition technology picks up on their location, and maps it to the locations of others in the event space. When an attendee moves within a predefined distance of an attendee they should meet, Handshake will auto-match them. After the event, attendees receive a summary email of the people they connected with, complete with contact information, so they can focus on the face-to-face connections. The summary email will also include potential future connections and fellow industry professionals to initiate connections with based on a recommendation system.
When an attendee uses Handshake, the stressful aspects of networking are alleviated to allow users to focus on real human connection. Handshake facilitates natural conversation flow, simplifies the sharing of contact details, and allows for quick and easy storage of contact information.​​​​​​​
Our Journey Map
Our user journey anticipates all the normal aspects of preparing for a networking event, and works to create a simpler solution.
Our Technology
We understand that facial recognition technology is unfamiliar to a lot of people, and that it can cause some uncertainty when it comes to our product. Though facial recognition technology has been misused in harmful ways, there are also some great uses out there that are improving the lives of people everywhere:
Our Design
The actual design of Handshake is pretty minimal, since most of it takes place on the backend in the facial recognition and location-tracking stages. However, I still established a look/feel for the product overall, and designed the post-event email attendees would receive.
Our Team
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