Quarantine Zines
My favorite side endeavors have always been text-heavy art projects. Last year I created a "life lessons" themed 100 day project. During my undergrad years at RIT, I experimented with interview-based editorial-style projects. I recently learned how to make digital zines with Figma from Miguel Cardona in a Design Week PDX workshop, so I decided to spend some quarantine time revisiting my past projects and reimagining them in this new format, my quaranzines.
Zine 1: Mindfulness & Empathy in Education
My first zine is a reimagining of a past research project. During my senior year at RIT, I conducted this research for my Visual Culture Theory final presentation. I collaborated with educators at The Harley School in Rochester, NY to explore their emphasis on implementing mindfulness and empathy in their education practices.
I used Figma to design and layout the zine pages. I organized the page content with a grid system, and maintained a regular line height to ensure proper text spacing and readability. I also established a color design system based off a theme of images; in this case, I chose green plants to signify calmness, mindfulness, and connection to nature. I then used the shades of green found in these to add small graphic details like the stylized vines seen on this example page.
The interactive prototype is hosted here on Issuu.​​​​​​​
Zine 2: Becoming an Effective Mentor
My second zine is a quick start guide to becoming an effective professional mentor. For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a professional designer is having the chance to mentor other designers. I’ve been a Built By Girls WAVE Advisor for over a year and a half, and just recently became mentor for Hexagon UX. I’ve also mentored for RIT’s New Media Club, I’ve led 1:1 mentor sessions from the Twitter design community, and I conduct regular peer mentoring sessions. I’m extremely passionate about helping the next generation of designers grow by offering guidance from my own professional experience, and I grow as a professional by learning what today’s design students are excited about. This zine outlines some key points that I’ve found useful in becoming a successful mentor.
The interactive prototype is hosted here on Issuu.
Zine 3: Preparing to Meet with a Mentor
My third zine is a companion piece to my previous zine, this time from the mentee's perspective. In my time as a mentor I've noticed patterns in how my mentees arrive to our first meeting, so I created this guide of tips on things to keep in mind when meeting with a mentor for the first time, how to prepare, and how to make the most of the relationship.
The interactive prototype is hosted here on Issuu.
Zine 4: A Guide to Pronouns
I created this zine for International Pronouns Day, which was recognized on October 21st and seeks to make respecting, sharing, and educating about personal pronouns commonplace.
The interactive prototype is hosted here on Issuu.
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